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Dean David Hempton 

2012 - 2023 Dean Harvard Divinity School 

Listen to Dean Hempton's Full Closing Message from the 2023 7th Annual BRSCC 2/17/2023

"HDS is very proud of this (BRSCC) conference, for many reasons.  The Black Religion, Spirituality and Cultural Conference, is entirely student planned and is now a permanent part of the HDS landscape. One of the most intrinsic foundations of the conference has been its efforts to explore linkages between scholarship, faith, culture, social activism and the creative arts and to think of them all together.  These conferences have worked to center the voices typically found at the margins and to foreground urgent issues that are often conveniently ignored." 
"...if we are willing to enter into the space, if we're willing to bare our souls and talk honestly, these conversations from unlikely people build real friendships and important empowerment for the future. So what I would love to see happen at Harvard Divinity School are more and more for those conversations to take place..."
"May this conference go from strength to strength, may it revolutionize the HDS community, this country and the whole world."
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